Many people I meet are stuck in the same grind, working too many hours in a job they hate, constantly feeling like they don’t have enough time to spend doing what they love, and with the people they love.

That’s not a nice feeling, to feel like you don’t have enough time. Because at the end of the day, we could all achieve more of what we want in life just by having enough time to do it.

These people all ask me the same question: “What is the greatest thing in life?”

“Is it freedom?”

“Is it love?”

“Is it happiness?”

“Is it growth?”

“Is it giving back?”

“Is it contributing?”

“Is it success?”

In my life, all I’ve ever wanted is family, love, freedom, success, all of those things, all of what I just mentioned. And I realised that as a busy corporate worker, stuck in a job that I was working 50–60 hours a week, while being a single dad and having four kids, I never had time and was never able to make the decisions that I really wanted to make.

In fact, those same questions and the realisations that came with it, are what has led me on this huge journey of purchasing 17 properties in only a short period of time. It wasn’t my ambition for wealth, it was my need to provide for my family.

My co-Founder is the incredible Lianna Pan, she’s an Actuary and Data Scientist. If you don’t know what an Actuary is, Google it. They’re absolute wizards with numbers and Lianna was in the same place that I was. She was stuck in a job that she really didn’t like, running the numbers for all the big banks, the big insurance companies, predicting the future for them and she realised she could use that same skill to predict the future of the property market.

Now, if you want to know the exact steps that both Lianna and I have taken to gain our time back and achieved financial freedom for ourselves and our families, click this link and join our next free online Masterclass.

We’re going to take you through all of the secrets that we have learnt – literally give away everything – and it’s totally for free. We are going to give all of that to you, so that you’ll have these steps.

So whatever you want more of in your life, whether it’s time, freedom, happiness, love, contribution, you’re going to take away so much valuable info from this Masterclass that it will change your life. 

Whether you’re doing it for family, you want to get out of your job, you want to get out of your 9–5, you’re preparing for retirement, you want to pay off your home fast, you want cash flow, whatever it is that you’re after – click the link and come through. 

Take care and I look forward to seeing you there.

– Scott

Author Scott Kuru is one of Australia's leading property investment specialists and co-Founder of Freedom Property Investors

Scott Kuru is one of Australia’s leading property investment specialists and is Founder & CEO at Freedom Property Investors.

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