Success Stories

“We are not a property company. We are a community of investors that help each other access discounted property in growth locations with positive cash flow. led by the expertise of Scott and Lianna, 2 of Australia’s most successful investors we use the power of group purchasing to access the hidden market of property sold below market value.

“I trust Freedom because they buy the same properties they recommend me”

Colin P. – 5 properties with Freedom

“Scott and Lianna are a safe pair of hands to guide you through your journey to buy multiple properties”

Nick H. – In just 3 years, Nick has purchased a staggering 13 properties thanks to the guidance and support of Freedom

“Instant equity was a big thing, and this provided me with quite a substantial amount of instant equity in the purchase”

Anthony M. needed to balance his portfolio and Freedoms’ ability to provide a property with Instant equity was a no brainer.

“Freedoms philosophy sat really well with me”

Cheryl K., a teacher from Sydney, found Freedom on Facebook, attended an information night in the city knew Freedom was the way to go. She recently settled on her 3rd property

“We went on a site visit in Brisbane, and I’m about to close this deal whilst in Spain”
Michelle C. used to buy and renovate properties but stopped because she just couldn’t generate enough equity to buy more. Now she’s a Freedom Investor living in Barcelona!
“They invest in the areas they recommend which distinguish themselves from others”
Monika L. was interested in investing for a number of years but never felt comfortable at other property events until she met Scott and Lianna and saw their strategy. Now she’s settling on Property #3 with Freedom.
“I was able to invest in 3 properties in 2 years when I didn’t think it was possible”
After her divorce, Michelle grew a property portfolio that gave her the opportunity to go back to school to study for her dream job, and now is living that dream every day.
“They believe what they’re doing so much, they put their money where their mouth is”
Mario S. – Started with a deposit less than $60,000 and now has 5 properties in just 5 years
Property is a great way over a long period of time to grow real wealth. It’s true Wealth Creation.
Matthew H. – 2 Investment Properties through Freedom Property Investors.
“My Goal is to create a sustainable income in the next 10 to 15 years!”
Paul D. – 2 Investment Properties through Freedom Property Investors.
“Since I’ve met you guys it’s changed my life to be quite honest”
Pip T. – 2 Investment Properties through Freedom Property Investors.
“One thing that really stood out for me is that both yourself Scott and Lianna invest in properties that I’m personally investing in”
Leisa G. – From 0-2 Highly Valuable Properties In Just Under 12 Months With Freedom Property Investors
“There’s confidence that builds because we know the people at Freedom Property are investing where we are so they’ve got skin in the game!”
Gregory D. has 3 investment properties through Freedom Property Investors.


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