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Scott Kuru | Founder & CEO

Invested in 17 properties in 7 years

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About Scott

One of Australia’s leading property investors and wealth creation mentors, Scott Kuru has helped change the lives of thousands of ordinary Australians through innovative property investment strategies. Alongside co-Founder, and qualified Actuary and Data Scientist, Lianna Pan, they have developed precise property selection methods that ensure only high-growth and positive cash flow properties are selected for members of Freedom Property Investors.

From humble beginnings working in all types of laborious roles and having four children by the early age of 25, Scott was driven by the strong desire to give his family the life that he had always dreamt of. At the height of his corporate career, while working for some of the biggest names in technology and insurance, Scott was trying to make ends meet in a tight two-bedroom apartment with his four children. Without a plan or money strategy in place, Scott saw how his children were living and this became the turning point in his life.

Since then, Scott has purchased 17 properties and proudly provides the life for his family that he had always promised, and now helps others to do the same.

Scott knows that one’s own mindset can have profound effects on our outcomes in life and uses this knowledge to mentor investors who are using property as a means to build substantial wealth and achieve financial freedom.

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