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Lianna Pan | Founder & Director of Research

28+ properties and growing

Lianna Freedom

About Lianna

Qualified Actuary and Data Scientist Lianna Pan has perfected her skills in data analysis, having spent years helping predict accurate outcomes for several major insurance companies. Being one of only 2,972 qualified Actuaries in Australia, Lianna is able to provide invaluable foresight to the members of the Freedom Property Investors community.

Growing up in a very humble home in China taught Lianna the importance of family. At a young age, Lianna’s father left for Australia where he would sacrifice seven years away from his family to set up a better life for them. Once reunited with her father in Australia, Lianna was determined to commit to her studies so that one day she could take care of her parents financially. Not wanting to see them struggle in retirement, she became obsessed with gaining knowledge that she could use to benefit the lives of her loved ones from now and into the future.

Lianna began her investment journey during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008 when she purchased her first property. She spent countless nights researching the property market and analysing trends, seeing this as a major opportunity when many media outlets were saying otherwise.

Because of that initial purchase – only just over a decade later, Lianna has a multi-million dollar portfolio of 27 properties and now teaches the same methods she used to help others achieve the same.

In 2015, Lianna pioneered her renowned Four Pillars of Prediction model that allows her as the Director of Research to pinpoint specific areas and regions around Australia that are set for exponential growth. This sees Lianna as the go-to source for many who seek her property market predictions and expertise alongside Freedom Property Investors co-Founder Scott Kuru.

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